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CUMONEY Everyday Spend Prepaid Debit Card

Our CUMONEY Everyday Spend prepaid debit card puts you in the driver’s seat.
More ways to reload your card, make purchases and manage your money to keep you on track.

More Convenient Ways to Fund It.
Fund your CUMONEY Everyday Spend card the first time with a specific dollar amount. Then reload it whenever you want. Add money to your card at our credit union, by Internet with our online management tool, or at 50,000 Visa ReadyLink locations.

New Auto Funding Feature Keeps You Going.
It’s easy to set up automatic, recurring reloads to your Everyday Spend card from your credit union account. Plan your budget while making sure your card always has funds.

Use it In-Store, Online or at ATMs.
Use the Everyday Spend card anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. Shop with it making debit transactions, pay bills online with free Bill Pay from a secure website, or check your balance and get cash at ATMs.

Manage Your Card to Stay Within Your Means.
Our online management tool lets you track your spending and balance, or reload your card, right from your computer. You can only spend the amount on your card, so you avoid overdrawing a checking account and overdraft fees.

No Risk if You Lose It.
The card isn’t tied to your checking or savings account, so there’s no risk if it’s lost or stolen. It comes with Zero Liability Protection, making it safer than carrying cash.

Stop Dreaming. Start Applying.
To apply for the CUMONEY Everyday Spend prepaid debit card, contact your credit union today. It keeps your dreams and budget going in the right direction.

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